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সুজাতা Subodh Ghosh


Subodh Ghosh

141 pages
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 About the Book 

Subodh Ghosh (Bengali: সুবোধ ঘোষ) was a noted Bengali author and journalist, with Kolkata-based daily newspaper Ananda Bazar Patrika. His best known work Bharat Premkatha, about the romances of epic Indian characters, has remained a sensation in bengali literature world. Many of his stories have been adapted for making of great Indian films, most notably Ritwik Ghatak’s Ajantrik (1958) and Bimal Roy’s Sujata (1959), and even today filmmakers search his works for suitable plots.He won the Filmfare Award for Best Story twice, for Bimal Roys Sujata (1960) and for Gulzar’s Ijaazat in 1989.